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Thursday 300: I’m not normally this lazy…

As I feel the need to curl up into a ball to allow myself to recover from the astronomical number that will show up on my credit card bill next month (stupid car requiring stupid tires, compounded by purchasing of birthday gifts and sweaters and coat for yours truly that really have been on her to-purchase list for quite some time) I’m just tossing in the NaNo prep I did at the airport while waiting on my flight from DFW to Abilene last week.

I would say I normally don’t have sentences that long, but this is me we’re talking about.

Anyway, here ’tis.


I realized yesterday that Shay’s mother’s name is Daphne. Which means that it’s Daphne Donovan. There will have to be mocking of that. I think at some point I also had an idea for the antagonist’s name, but I’ve spaced it.

Brian? Bran? Curtis, Martin… dang it, just not feeling any of those. And it’s always so irritating how I can’t really get my head around characters until I’ve named them. Ethnicity of the guy–he’s probably still white. Not that evil people are limited to being white, but I’m afraid that he’ll turn into a stereotype if he’s evil and, say, Middle Eastern.

Ankles are cold. I think I could probably check about standby again at 8:40. Maybe 8:30. Now 8:08.

Tony. Antonio. Blurgh. Antonio’s bad–makes me think of a crappy romance novel. “And Antonio took her in his bulging arms…”

Andrew? Andrew may be a contender for the male love interest. Interesting that I don’t necessarily want to call him the “male lead” or the MMC. Because I’m not 100% sure he is the “MMC.” I don’t know what his airtime will be, so to speak.

Anderson. Not sure I like the surname as first name thing. Griffin. Would be eternally reminded of Cody and Tina’s nephew. No.

Gryffindor. Hah!

Jordon. Gregory. Scott. Mike. Bill. Tim. Thorn. Talon. (Talon’s from the story about the boy who was thought to be in the helium balloon but then turned out to be hiding in his family’s attic. Give me five months and I’ll likely have no idea what this parenthetical means.)

Wonder how many people in this waiting area are supposed to be on the Abilene flight. It’s not terribly crowded here yet, which is good. So far looks like most people are boarding for the Des Moines flight.

Donovan. Ohh, that’s a good contender. Feels maybe-evil.

Caine! I was going to call the villain Caine.

And it can’t be Donovan. That’s Shay’s last name. Headdesk

Ah, the NaNo-speak has returned.

Caine may be his last name, which means I’d still need a first name, but I think he’ll refer to himself as Caine, and have other people call him Caine, so for the moment it’s good enough.


Wonder if it’s in me to do an interview with Caine…

Not yet.

Could do some freewriting on the plot, though.

So Shay saves–or at least momentarily prolongs–the life of the werewolf whose heart is donated to Caine, turning Caine into a supposedly prophesied werewolf.

I’m thinking that the original werewolf was initially the focus of the prophecy about uniting the werewolves/bringing out a new era of peace/whatever it is. Should really solidify it. So someone–an agent of my Big Bad–gets hold of Caine and explains the prophecy to him, saying that now the prophecy’s mantle has fallen upon Caine.

Caine… he’s thrilled with not feeling weak anymore. He’s been contending with this heart condition for his whole life, couldn’t run or jump or play or even go up the stairs without getting winded, taking it slow. And now he has a body that can heal itself from almost anything. He’s pretty much impervious to disease, even silver poisoning–which his fellow werewolves are not. So he’s strong, and impetuous, and essentially develops a god-complex. He hasn’t had anyone explain the “rules” to him, so he either doesn’t think the rules apply to him, or he doesn’t even know that the rules exist.

His method of bringing about peace is to kill those who don’t agree with him. That’s the lycanthropy, I guess, controlling him, making his violent tendencies more prevalent. Which isn’t original by any means, but hopefully the heart-transplant thing will make up for that.

8:24. Workers have disappeared from the B6 gate. I assume they’ll show up again before the Abilene flight. One would hope, anyway. Maybe I should do my bathroom break now, be ready to pop over there when they return.

Watching a lady’s bag for her while she goes to bathroom, so that means I can have her do the same when she comes back. Signing off now.


I still have faith that this will all come together in a cohesive plot. Preferably in ten days (well, nine by the time this post goes live) so I have a clue what I’m doing. Vive la NaNo! Carpe diem! And other foreign-language calls to action!

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