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So one of my favorite threads over at the NaNoWriMo site is the NaNoisms thread. “NaNoisms” are the humorous mistakes that come about as a result of sleep deprivation and constant pummelings of one’s Inner Editor and Inner Critic, beings who are banished during the course of NaNo since the idea is to get the novel out first and edit later.

True to the NaNo philosophy, I haven’t gone back and reread much of what I’ve written. But I have found a couple from rereading my previous day’s last paragraph to reorient myself, and also as I’ve written them:

Light from the scones on the walls caught the unshed tears in her eyes and made them shine.


She appeared to them as just shadow in the flickering light from the wall-scones, when they bothered to look in her direction at all.

Yes. I did indeed make that mistake twice. Several pages apart.

Then there was also this:

One of the cookies looked up and jutted a thumb at the table toward the back of the kitchens.

As I wrote for that particular post to the NaNoisms thread, I haven’t included anthropomorphic baked goods in my novel–yet. But yeah, my NaNoisms do reveal a deep-seated love of bakery goods. I am caught out.

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