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I thought about calling this “The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post,” but decided that had too negative a connotation, like it’s just something I need to check off my list: “Oh, it’s Thanksgiving; time to be thankful,” since of course we ought to always be mindful of the blessings we’ve received. Still, thankfulness is the core of the holiday, and honestly coming up with these Miscellany Monday posts is harder than I thought it’d be. That whole thing about boundaries freeing you, I guess. When you can write about anything, it can actually be harder to come up with ideas. So yeah, I’m not above looking to the season for inspiration.

Here it is, in no particular order.

I’m thankful…

  1. That I’m solvent. Maybe my safety cushion isn’t as big as I’d like, but I’m not living paycheck to paycheck. I do have a buffer. A tiny one, but I have it. And that I still have enough leftover to feed my book edition and buy various baking accessories.
  2. That my parents have always supported my dreams. I’m sure it helps that I see the necessity of a day job and not mooching off them while I purse my goal of publication, but still. They’ve always encouraged me to figure out what I want to do, without trying to impart their ideas on me. (Though I’m sure my dad is still somewhat regretful that I didn’t prove to be physics- or math-inclined.)
  3. For Christ’s sacrifice.
  4. For my senses, which allow me to perceive beauty. Harmony is a lovely thing. Sunsets are lovely things. The smell of cinnamon is a lovely thing. So is the taste of cinnamon, but of course most of what we taste is actually smell. But still. Lovely. Hugs. Hugs can be beautiful, too. *pauses to count* Yup. That’s all five senses. If I had a sixth sense I’d go into that, but no, I don’t see dead people.
  5. That I don’t see dead people. It’d freak me out.
  6. That I have a job which, even in the midst of a merger, is relatively secure. It’s good to work directly on what makes money for the company.
  7. That even if I were to lose my job, I have people I could turn to for help.
  8. That even if I were to lose my job, I still know where my meals are coming from for at least a month. I am sure I have that much food in my kitchen, which is not the case for many people in this country and abroad.
  9. For my dear college roommates, to whom I know I can say anything and still receive unconditional love. (Well, unless I told one roommate that Batman is the worst superhero ever, she might not forgive me. Luckily I don’t feel that strongly about Batman, so I’m safe.)
  10. That I still have a local support system of friends and family, since my dear college roommates have not deigned to move to Colorado. *sniff*
  11. That I have the time to indulge in activities that make me happy–writing and baking. (I’d be happier yet if the calories derived from eating what I bake didn’t affect me, but oh well.)
  12. For my health. And that I have decent health insurance in case something were to go wrong.
  13. That I’m a permanent employee. I have been a temp, and it sucks. A lot.
  14. For my family, both immediate and extended. I am blessed to have a family that gets along with everyone.
  15. That my uncle’s blocked artery was caught relatively quickly, and that the balloon angioplasty went well. Still praying about the aneurysm they found, and thankful that they did find it while he was still in the hospital.
  16. For dogs, even though I don’t have one living with me right now. Dogs are a perfect example of unconditional love.
  17. That zombies aren’t real. The idea of having ambulatory, rotting corpses pursuing me to eat my brains does not appeal.*
  18. That I live in Colorado. I love our mountains and 300 days of sunshine. I have been without, and did not enjoy it.
  19. To have a roof over my head and central heating.
  20. For fuzzy socks, a cup of hot chai tea, and a book to read.

Twenty is a nice number, so I’ll leave it at that. Happy Thanksgiving, whatever readers I have!

*And for those who might say that zombies are real, well then fine; I’m thankful I’ve never encountered one.

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