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Look, I have a dog!


She, and the extensive walking/exercise and obedience training involved in Being a Good Dog Owner, is one of my many excuses for not writing.

Other excuses  include:

  • I discovered Dollhouse is on Netflix streaming and am currently going through the episodes.
  • I’m also going through Bones on Netflix streaming.
  • I’m rereading The Hunger Games and contemplating how I somehow managed to gloss over just how unlikeable Katniss is. I mean, if she were a real person, I’m not entirely sure I’d want to be her friend. But it’s massively impressive on Suzanne Collins’ part that I still like the book.
  • Bone-shaking* fear.


*Well, not technically bone shaking. I don’t even quiver, really, at the thought of writing. But it’s been so long since I’ve done it that it’s become vastly intimidating. Here is another picture of my dog to cheer myself up.


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