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Post the first


Future posts will include recipes. This one does not. If you think about this site like you would a cookbook, cookbooks don’t dive right into the recipes. There’s a table of contents and maybe a dedications page and quite frequently an introduction. All the lead-in material. And maybe most people don’t read it, but still. I’ve always been a toe-first type of girl.

Nevertheless, it’d be silly to start a blog with a post of the table of contents, particularly when there are no other contents. So I won’t do that. Instead I present you with this blathering post. It’ll serve as a nice forewarning of what’s to come.

Anyway, my desire for this blog is to have an outlet to combine my enjoyment of baking with my enjoyment of writing. The best part about it is that I get to stretch my writing muscles while avoiding the larger projects (read: novels) that of late (read: two-plus years) have left me metaphorically cowering in a corner and whimpering while I pluck out strands of my hair in anxiety. Thing is, though, that I cut my teeth on spec lit, and it still makes up the majority of what I read for leisure. Hence the combination of zombies and brownies. (Um, that reference will make more sense upon publication of Post the Second, which will be called something other than Post the Second.)

It’d also be fabulous if this blog launches me to semi-Internet-fame. I mean, there’s ginormous Internet fame that results in book deals where publishers pay for a book tour and the blogger posts about the book tour and the hordes of devoted fans who show up and gush over them and instill in the blogger a sense of gratefulness for the fans whose attention raised said blogger to such heights and all that. Which would also be fabulous, but I’m trying to be realistic. Semi-Internet-fame would be nice.

Oh, and it’d also be nice if I became one of Those People whose blog led them to meet the love of their life. Because I’ve read about it happening. But really, the semi-Internet-fame and the love-of-my-life thing may be getting too ambitious. There’s also the fact that I’m not terribly sure what extent of the population is going to be amused and inspired by posts about brownies and zombies. I’d also say that maybe I should be concerned about the type of people who run searches including tags such as “brownies” and “zombies,” but that’d really be a case of kettle + pot = black. After all, I’m writing the stuff.

See what you’re in for? If it weren’t for the goal of achieving semi-Internet-fame, I’d tell you that maybe you’d best leave and check out a normal cooking blog. Or a normal zombie blog, whichever.

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