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PSA: For people like my brother…

… who complain about my reference to grams as units of weight rather than mass:

My digital scale is a $25 scale that is incapable of measuring mass of the ingredients I use. It’s measuring the weight. And yes, I suppose that then it’s using some sort of mathematical conversion to figure the equivalent weight of a gram. I can only assume that other home bakers also use scales that calculate weight, not mass. So forgive the terminology.

And besides, the second definition for “gram” on Merriam-Websters lists “the weight of a gram under the acceleration of gravity.” So there.

Anyway, when I talk about grams, I’m using the second definition, and I assume that people who read this site bake and cook using Earth’s gravity. Readers will have to make adjustments when following the recipes in outer space or on other planets whose gravitational acceleration does not match that of Earth’s. Unfortunately, I cannot then guarantee the results* because I have never tested these recipes in outer space or on other planets. I am sorry.

Oh, and I kind of doubt this will be an issue, new as this blog is, but I will be on a cruise from May 9-14. Comments will have a delay in moderation and approval since I don’t want to pay the ghastly Internet fees on the ship.

And now I feel I should leave you with something visual, so here is a picture of my shoe taken (inadvertently? I can’t recall) during a trip to Seattle last summer. It has nothing to do with this post other than that it shows my foot is on the ground and that I am adhering to the laws of physics and Earth’s gravitational pull/acceleration. I’m a conformist that way.
*For that matter, I can’t guarantee your results in your own kitchen. Especially when we get into yeast baking, where atmospheric differences can necessitate changes (e.g., the drier climate of Colorado means that I typically have to add more moisture than other locales).



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