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3 songs currently receiving heavy play in my Spotify

Yes, I’m totally phoning it in this week. Novel is once again eating my brain (and the necessity of generating a summary for a critique session I’m going to attend at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold conference this fall, though once done and polished I’ll probably post that here). I’m also starting to resent, more and more, that the day job uses the same part of my brain as writing. I probably could’ve finished the current draft two months ago if I didn’t have to spread all those brain cells around.

Mind, I’m not resenting it so much that I’m willing to forgo food for me, kibble for the dog, and a roof over both of us. Just wishing my brain were a little more, I don’t know, stalwart?

In any case: 3 songs currently getting heavy play on my Spotify.


1. “Royals” by Lorde

She is 16. I never aspired to be a singer, but man, listening to this does evoke a sense of “Gah! I’m 31 and still trying to achieve my creative dreams!”
Then I manage to forget that because, well, she rocks.

2. “Pompeii” by Bastille

I watched the video for the first time while drafting this post, and um. Yeah. I’d initially thought to write something about “It somehow manages to make references to the destruction of an entire ancient city cheery!” (I mean, “ay-ay-ay, ay-o, ay-ay-ay, ay-o,” amirite?) But now it seems to be about the inevitability of destruction or of apathy and that to resist either one is futile. Or something. I might have to rethink the inclusion of “Pompeii” in my play rotation. Which kinda sucks, because the “ay-ay-ay, ay-o” vocalizations put me in mind of a prehistoric celebration and I thought it was awesome. This is why I need to not watch YouTube.

3. “Follow Your Feet” by the Unlikely Candidates

This one is just a good reminder to keep on keeping on. In the immortal words of Dory, “Just keep swimming.” And following your feet.

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