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New host; site apparently not broken (anymore)…

OK, so I have a new hosting company and am (I think) successfully transferred after 48 hours-plus of kicking myself for not testing all this beforehand, and having various iterations of a 404 page come up on my site, or not at the home page but everywhere else.

But let us not speak of the past.

Well, except for this one last thing: I did unfortunately lose my post about being a finalist in the speculative fiction category of the 2013 Colorado Gold contest (look at me elsewhere on the interwebz!) because I posted it outside of my normal Wednesday-posting schedule, and therefore my automatic database-backup didn’t catch it, and I forgot to back up manually, and then the DNS transfer went through and I became consumed with needing to get the site up again at all.

BUT. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I think I’m safely transferred, aside from that hiccup of the lone lost post.

This is, of course, why my dad is always telling me to build redundancy into my files. So Dad, yes, you are right.

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