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Get baked

So I’ve been following Miss Snark’s First Victim since, I think, close to her blog’s conception. She is one of those people who is made of awesome. And she’s got an awesome contest coming up: the 2013 Baker’s Dozen, which is detailed here.

It is my goal to have my ms. done so that I can submit. (Admittedly, a feat that feels ever more out of reach every time I open up Scrivener and realize, “Oh, the story would be so much better if I did THIS. Because THIS is a change, which then makes some bits more of a first-draft version rather than final, polished, “yes! yes! ready to sub!”) But it is still an awesome contest, and even if I don’t participate, I am more than happy to spread the word. So here I am, word-spreading. Writerly types, go check it out!

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