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3 Things I wish for at this very moment, presented in an order that may or may not increase dramatic tension

  1.  (in my best Bob Barker voice, which is to say, a rather poor Bob Barker voice) A NEW CAR!
    . . . except I wouldn’t want to pay taxes on winning the thing, so maybe just the cash, except I’d also have to pay taxes on the cash, so I suppose what I really want is a new car plus enough cash to cover the taxes. Though then there’d also be taxes on the cash meant to cover the taxes. It’s a vicious, horrid cycle.
  2. The means of instantaneously transferring the story that’s in my head to my Scrivener files so that revisions would be DONE already. So like most people, I want the results without having to do the work.
  3. A cookie.

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  • Thomas A. Fowler October 16, 2013, 10:33 am

    A very astute trio of fantastic things. I would particularly enjoy number two as well. There are so many works that are finished…in my head.