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3 Things about my dog I don’t understand

  1. Why she feels the need to investigate smells that apparently scare her, as she will sniff some strange odor that makes her tuck her tail between her legs, and spend more time on the scary smell than any other thing during our walk.
  2. Her desire to bark or growl at, or, if I were to let her, chase after children on scooters or skateboards, especially if they are male adolescents between the approximate ages of ages 12-14. I also wonder if this desire is aggression-, fear-, or play-induced, or if the impetus of this desire is genetic, like the noise of rolling wheels on pavement somehow emulates the mating calls of mastodons; and ages ago, my dog’s lupine ancestors relied upon those sounds to guide them to the prey that would save them from starvation during a long, cold winter.
  3. Srsly, what’s with the carpet-rolling/self-massage?




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  • Anna November 20, 2013, 7:42 pm

    Look at her pink belly! She is a cutie-pie, for sure.