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Let the Kermit flailing commence!

It is with great enthusiasm and much Kermit-flailing that I announce my acceptance to Viable Paradise 18.

For those who did not click on the link above, Viable Paradise is a week-long writing workshop focusing on SFF. It pulls in successful instructors–this year’s bunch includes Steven Brust, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, and Scott Lynch, among others–and has an awesome track record of its students going on to be published (N.K. Jemisin, Myke Cole, and Mur Lafferty immediately spring to mind). I am so, so excited to be accepted.

My application piece was the early pages of my novel, SECOND SUN, for which I became a finalist in the Colorado Gold last year. (I believe my blog post about that was lost when I switched my domain host last year; sorry.) It’ll be interesting to workshop it, because based on feedback I’m getting from agents, it’s “almost there.” I’ve not been too enthusiastic about working on it, however–I spent a solid 18 months on it and got burned out, and was unsure what I might do to get it “there,” anyway. So perhaps I’ll have a light bulb moment about it at VP.

In the meantime, I’m planning to work on revisions of a wildly different project, a YA comic fantasy. I’m also world-building and perhaps and may begin drafting what I think is going to be YA SF. And, yanno, I’m Kermit-flailing.


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