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Leaving on a jet plane

But I do know when I’ll be back again. October 18.

In any case, by the time this post goes live, I will have gotten up at an ungodly hour (ungodly even for me, ridiculer of people who consider merely 6:00am early), boarded a shuttle, and will be on my way to Denver International Airport to attend my 10-year college reunion. There will be parades and fireworks!* And reunioning with people I like! So, yay!

From thence I will be headed to Martha’s Vineyard for Viable Paradise XVIII! I don’t think there will be parades or fireworks, but there will be writing and critiquing of writing and singalongs (based on experiences of VP alumni) and also apparently the horror that is Thursday. (Or Wednesday. There were mixed opinions among the alumni.)

All this means that I have a decent excuse for missing next week’s post (too busy for posting!), but then a very poor excuse for missing the one after that (should probably put together coherent thoughts about VP!). And all that means, watch this space on Oct. 22nd.

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