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Hey there, Internet user. You’ve reached the website of SFF writer Amanda Helms! Aren’t you excited!

Well, probably not. That’s okay. I can handle it.

A note: My home page used to be written in the third person. I decided that was dumb, because I’m the one who writes all the content on the site. So I’ve switched to first person, but now things seem a little pretentious. Oh well. Moving on:

Here persons so inclined may find out more about my work and um, me.* Go ahead; play around and click on the tabs!

But so my home page doesn’t look too boring, here are a few details.

  • Most of the interesting stuff is over at the blog portion. There is baking and zombies and footnotes and the occasional (low-quality, mind) cartoon..
  • Attempting to  define my writing beyond the broad label of SFF tends to turn me into a quivering mass of uncertainty and inarticulateness. I know it is something I will need to get over. But not today, friends; not today.
  • I have naturally curly hair.
  • I like scones.

*That’s the part that seems the most pretentious.