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Publication: “Mr. Quacky in Space”

The duck that started it all.

My second publication is out at Cast of Wonders! Mr. Quacky in Space

Important things to note:

It is hosted by my friend Fonda Lee, who writes YA SF that you should go buy and read, because it (and she!) is awesome. That goes triple if you are a fan of excellently choreographed fight scenes.

It is hosted by Katherine Inskip, and you should totally listen to her narration because her nasally intonation for Mr. Quacky is delightful.

It exists solely because of Viable Paradise; where I met Fonda along with many other fabulous people; where I received the prompts–including the duck above–that turned into “Mr. Quacky in Space”; and where I drafted the first version in a state of panicked exhilaration. If you are a spec fic writer and want to improve your craft and also meet awesome people, applications are open now, just sayin’. (In fact, at this time three years ago, I believe I’d just wrapped up getting my own application sent in. *sniffsniff* nostalgia)

It features a steam-powered duck aboard a cruse-ship-style-spaceship that has a penchant for terrorizing children. I promise that (mostly) makes sense in the context of the story. There’s also a pyrophile (she doesn’t start fires; she just thinks they’re pretty) forced to wear bunny ears for her job. Oh, and some corporate satire.

So off with you! Go listen/read!

And, ICYMI, my previous publication at Cast of Wonders is here.

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